March Release Day

By March 15, 2020 March 17th, 2020 Release Day

Ink to Paper’s March 2020 release day is here! Over the past few days, we have shared new stamps and dies as well as amazing projects to inspire you to create and share handmade designs. Today is all about shopping, but first we have some announcements.


All of the products we have featured over the past few days will be available for purchase tonight at 10pm ET. Want to know all the details about how our releases work? Check out THIS PAGE.


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  • 1
    Rachel+W. says:

    I loved dancing with my mom in the living room when I was little. She would put on her country western records and show me all the old dance styles. I didn’t realize until thinking about this that my daughter does the same with me. Except it’s her getting me to do her tik tok routines!

  • 2
    MandaLJ says:

    My mum is normally very serious so my favourite memory of her is laughing uncontrollably at a silly video my daughter showed her on her phone. Very unusual behaviour for my mum so it was good to see.

  • 3

    My mom has been gone for many years now but the thing I like to remember best was her laugh. Just hearing that and I would start to laugh with her. Great memory.

  • 4
    Sandy+Dayhoff says:

    She used to lie beside me in bed during a nap or bedtime, and quote Bible stories to me!

  • 5
    Amanda says:

    Christmas time was always my favorite memory of my mom. We always spent time together baking cookies with sprinkles on top.

  • 6
    Isabel Z says:

    My favorite memory is when she took my sister and me to the beach for a weekend–it was our first time and we loved it.

  • 7
    Mary Ellen Guikema says:

    My favorite memory of my mom is baking in the kitchen with her. She would share memories of her childhood while we baked.

  • 8
    Connie Wine says:

    Her love for her 5 children, her husband (though she was a widow for 27 years) as well as her God, her church and God’s Word. She did pass that on to her children too❤️❤️

  • 9
    Evan says:

    When she would read to me before bed each night.

  • 10
    Janice says:

    Her ability to accept people without judgement.

  • 11
    Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    My favorite memory of my mom was her sewing. She made my wedding dress and it was exactly what I wanted it to be.

  • 12
    Dawn Y. says:

    My mom (in her late 80s) and I are so blessed to continue make special memories today. Her joys in gardening, paper crafting, sewing, and making a happy home are my joys, as well. 💗

  • 13
    Amy Cooley says:

    My favorite memory of my mom involves all the wonderful food she prepared for our family.

  • 14

    Her kindness, and her smile and laugh…I miss them!

  • 15
    annheidel says:

    Family time with my mom reading books aloud like the Wizard of Oz series and others.

  • 16
    Chris Lawlor says:

    My favorite memory of my mom, is when I was 6 years old coming home from school she had made lace cookies and served them to me at my play table. She had purchased some sweet decorative handkerchiefs from Ben Franklin that she put on the table to make it special.

  • 17
    Marcy says:

    She would read to us everynight.

  • 18
    Sue D says:

    My mom and I had many fun times. One funny moment was when she got bifocals for the first time. As we left the doctor’s office she looked like she had too much to drink trying to walk down the sidewalk and my mom was not a drinker.

  • 19
    Annie+Dill says:

    My favorite memory of her is how she would come alive at Christmastime, decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping, and full of secrets.

  • 20
    Helen says:

    While I have many wonderful memories of my Mom, I think my most favorite is watching her playing with her only grandchild who was named after her. Thanks for asking and for offering this wonderful chance to win .

  • 21
    Sandy S. says:

    My mom was really great at making detailed desserts and confections, I remember some awesome birthday cakes, for instance, but my favorites were the beautiful marzipan fruits she made every Christmas.

  • 22
    Sandy C. says:

    That’s a really hard question when your mom was a constant presence in your life for so many years. I am just glad for the overwhelming support she gave to me during my youth and throughout the time I had with her.

    I do remember how she made me feel special when she would put us 2 kids to bed and then allow me to come downstairs to help her wrap Christmas presents (unbeknownst to my sleeping brother). It was our secret that I don’t think my older brother ever learned.

  • 23

    Well, my Mom just turned 96 years old. I am one of 10 children and grew up on a farm and money was tight. I don’t have any misgivings about the way I grew up — I don’t think I would change a thing, even if I could. My Mom was a great cook–she routinely made homemade bread and homemade butter, sweet rolls, molasses cookies, and on and on. But one night, she decided to make homemade pizza. Now this is probably 50 years ago, when pizzeria shops were just starting to become popular. She used every cookie sheet in the house and as I remember, the pizza was not that good, but I sure do admire the way she strived to make sure that we didn’t feel left out.

  • 24
    Terri W says:

    I always fought with my mom when I was younger but after becoming a mom myself I realized what she did was just to show and teach us what was right. We became the best of friends before she passed. She would come to my house for vacation and we would take these little road trips stopping at both the scrapbook stores (for me) and the sewing stores (for her). Those are my favorite memories of my mom.

  • 25
    Cindy+H. says:

    EVERY Christmas Eve, no matter the weather, my Mom would deliver Christmas presents to all our relatives (my Mom and Dad came from large families) and a few friends. Times were hard for a few of the families and the gifts were always welcome. We weren’t rich but my Mom really knew how to budget and stretch a dollar and she would buy gifts for parents and children so everyone got something.

  • 26

    I love being in the kitchen with my mom….remembering how she helped and instructed me in the art of cooking and prepared wonderful meals that led to close times around the table. Now, I help her as she is slowing down some. It’s still fun to reminisce and to work together to create something special for all the family to enjoy.

  • 27
    christalmclean says:

    She was the most giving woman I knew. Anybody who needed anything benefited from her loving and charitable soul. She had a HUGE collection of Christmas decor that brought her the greatest joy and trips with her to the craft stores were a must. My kids loved her for the countless times they were swimming in the pool and she would water the grass, hand clothes on the line or just watch them and all of a sudden she would run for the pool or pretend to fall in with her clothes on. My kids in their 30’s still love to talk about this to this day. You opened up a great opportunity to share about our moms and I imagine you will get lengthy and many responses!

  • 28
    Annette+Snyder says:

    I don’t have just one favorite. I just remember her being there especially after school to talk.
    Thanks for another great release!

  • 29
    Tammie Koehnen says:

    Baking together and sharing our love for food… and close 2nd camping. So hard to pick just one! Great release!

  • 30
    Natasha Trupp says:

    When I was younger, pre-school age, and all my siblings were in school, we didn’t have lots of money, but the local specialty chocolate shop did a “chocolate of the month” thing, where you could go in and get a free sample of whatever the month’s feature was. We would go in and split it, and it felt like such a special little indulgence and something that just the two of us would share.

  • 31
    Catherine L says:

    My favorite memory is the fun Cabbage Patch birthday party she threw for me when I turned nine. I had so much fun and I really appreciate all the hard work she put into it!

  • 32
    Angela Walters says:

    My favorite memory of my mom is her taking care of me when I had the flu. She was really nice at that time.

  • 33
    Iggy says:

    My favorite memory is how she used to wake me up by singing a song.

  • 34
    RedGem says:

    Putting on her Sunday best hat! She always looked so spiffy with it!

  • 35
    Chris Anderson says:

    My Mom could always find the good in every person and every situation. Even in extremely hard, challenging times she could see the good, the golden lining. I don’t think I fully appreciated that when I was younger.

  • 36
    Meghan+Kennihan says:

    My favorite memory of my mom is when I was little and couldn’t sleep she would come in and skratch my back or read me Anne of Green Gables until I fell asleep!

  • 37
    Kim+Heggins says:

    My favorite memory of my mom is when we took her to Disneyland for the first time. So much fun seeing her so excited to be in the park!

  • 38
    Miriam Prantner says:

    Being here to help for a month after the birth of both of my daughters.

  • 39
    Josie says:

    Whenever I visit my mom and brother, we always play the Harry Potter audiobooks nonstop for my brother. I had always thought our mom tuned them out until after a year or so, she commented ‘it is always Dumbledore’. I exclaimed ‘Well, he’s the principal of the magic school. Mom, I thought you haven’t been listening to the story.’ She replied she doesn’t but hears that word a lot. That conversation always make me smile.

  • 40
    Greta H says:

    I’ll share a funny memory. My mom could fall asleep anywhere, anytime. We often had to wake her up when she was praying before we went to bed as she’d drift off in mid-sentence. But that didn’t stop her from trying to finish, so she’d start again. One day when I was a teenager, our family was at a big arena for a basketball game. I was/am one of those people who frequently stand up & cheer, as did many others. Suddenly I heard someone say–“is that woman asleep?!” I looked down & there was my mom–fast asleep while the place was erupting with cheers. She’s been gone many years as pancreatic cancer took her when she was just 66. I’m grateful for her love & miss her dearly.

  • 41
    Rene Tucker says:

    One of my favorite memories of my mother who has passed — when I was elementary age, it was routine at our house to get up every Saturday morning and clean house. My dad and brother would go outside and work on the cars, take care of the lawn, all the outdoor things. Mom and I would clean the bathroom, dust, sweep, mop, vacuum and wash the linens and towels. We were usually done by lunch time. Mom would sometimes take the two of us downtown for a cold glass bottle of Dr. Pepper and a Milky Way to share. We didn’t have much but we didn’t mind sharing and boy did it taste soooo good. How I wish I could go back for just a bit and share that Dr. Pepper and Milky Way bar. ❤️ to everyone during this troublesome time.

  • 42
    Susan McRae says:

    My favorite memory of my mom is baking with her. She loved baking and when I was old enough I started helping her in the kitchen and learning all her tips and tricks. I still enjoying baking to this day because of her.

  • 43
    Teresa C says:

    My mom used to say: “Life is short. Eat dessert first.” ❤️❤️❤️

  • 44
    VICKI SMITH says:

    My mom and my dad flew to California to surprise me for my 46th birthday. I was so amazed when I opened the door.

  • 45
    abrash says:

    My mom was the best cook in the world and the best ‘nurse’ when you were sick. She loved taking care of people.

  • 46
    Thalia says:

    My favorite memory is of my Mom singing in the kitchen while she cooked, when I was very little, Boom Boom, Ain’t it Great to be Crazy, and other silly songs. My Mom was always jolly, even in the toughest of times. Miss her.

  • 47
    Luanne Ford says:

    My mom was my best friend. Our favorite times together we’re spent shopping. We might even go for the day to the outlet mall and have lunch. To this day, I still miss those special days and don’t really enjoy shopping like I used to. She is missed!💗

  • 48
    Suzi+Fohringer says:

    So many…..I remember her staying up long after we had gone to bed, head bent over her sewing machine, making us beautiful , one-of-a-kind outfits….for school, for Easter, for proms…she even made my Daddy’s wool sport coats. I miss her every day.

  • 49
    Marilyn+M says:

    Too many memories of my mom to pick one! I miss her smiling face.

  • 50
    Heather says:

    My memory is very recent. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer (January 2020) and my mother has just jumped in. Since January, she has been taking my daughter to school and picking her up. She’s taken me to every surgery & appointment when I couldn’t drive. She was there for the start of chemo last week; and has been there for every symptom and pain, doing her best to ease my suffering. I don’t think I could have done this without her.

  • 51

    Among the millions of memories of my Mum, I enjoy recalling those that remind me of our shared love of being creative … the earliest was being shown how to thread a needle … aged 3! Anita 🙂

  • 52
    Scraporcraft says:

    A good memory was watching as she made clay flowers and leaves

  • 53
    Laurie+Black says:

    My favorite memory of my mom is her sewing talent: my two sisters and I had an amazing wardrobe of lovingly handmade dresses. Everything she made was perfectly tailored and customized to match our wishes.

  • 54
    Maureen Wong says:

    My favorite memories of my mom were when she would take me shopping on the bus when I was about 3 or 4 and on the way home I would sit in her lap, put my head on her shoulder and sleep. 🙂

  • 55
    Annette+Gordon says:

    I have so many favourite memories of my mom and hopefully many more to come. Probably my favourite memory of my mom was after she got released from the hospital after almost dying a few weeks later she brought hot lunch to my grade at school. Probably wouldn’t be allowed now, but I just remember being so grateful for my mom. And that I still had a MOM!

  • 56
    Cindy Olson says:

    When I think of my Mom, all I can think is of her great love for family. She always said “family is everything.”
    She was the cornerstone of our family. We lost her quite a few years ago but I miss her smile every day!

  • 57
    Mia Vasquez says:

    I had just given birth to my twin daughters and my mother was helping me to care for them. For the first 3 weeks they were waking up hungry three times during the night. My mother and I were exhausted! One morning around 2 am both babies were crying impatiently for their bottles. We each had a baby and sat across from and facing each other trying to give them their bottles. As the girls cried at the top of their lungs unwilling to be pacified or latch on to their bottles, my mother and I met eyes and just started giggling. This continued until we were laughing uncontrollably and we were both in tears. Somehow the babies got fed and back to bed through it all, but even after we were finally composed occasional bursts of giggles would sporadically occur. It still makes me giggle 35 years later whenever I think about it.

  • 58
    Cheryl says:

    I have so many favorite memories! Her smile is the best.

  • 59
    Shaunna says:

    My favorite memory of my mom is when my dad was stationed over-seas. She tried to find all kinds of things to keep us pre-occupied and our minds busy. One time we had an indoor yard sale with only items we didn’t want. We could buy them from one another – for pennies- literally. We each had a “cash register” which was a handful of pennies and a cupcake pan! We loved it. But it just reminds me of her selflessness-even in the little things she did – always putting us before herself. . . Like keeping us entertained when I Know she was so lonesome herself.

  • 60
    Frederica+S+Bond says:

    When I was little, my mom took me to grandma’s house. And great grandma lived there, also. The kitchen was downstairs in what would be the basement now. There was 2 sides divided by steps. There was a wood stove on one side and a modern stove on the other that the family pitched in and purchased for them. It was the first time my mom let me hang out with her, grandma and great grandma in the “kitchens”. I was allowed to help out with all the preparations. They were telling stories of when they were little and laughing. I know now how special that time was- 4 generations. I felt so special that we were having mother daughter day with grandmother and great grandmother!

  • 61
    Patricia Ceccacci says:

    My favorite memory of my Mom is that she always had a hug for you. Whenever or wherever it was, or why it was. She did not need a reason to hug and love me as I was hers. I miss her so, would do anything for one of those hugs

  • 62
    Heidi says:

    We used to talk every Sunday about lunch time. She would check on me and see how my week was going and what I was planning for the coming week. I miss those talks.

  • 63
    Terri Sandoval says:

    Being in the kitchen together, me learning how to make pizza dough, bake cookies, roll enchiladas…

  • 64
    Catherine+Milne says:

    My favorite memory of my mom was when I was a Brownie and she was a troop leader. She taught us all how to do the Charleston for a Girl Scout jamboree/talent show. I can still picture her in wings dancing right along with us while we were on stage to remind us what we were supposed to do next.

  • 65
    Kathy+VH says:

    My favorite memory of my Mother is that she taught me the count to 100, to add, subtract, multiply and divide by the time I was 3 years old. And to color within the lines. She taught me, even though see never went to school.

  • 66
    KathleenA says:

    After I had finished college and moved out on my own, my Mom would come and visit often. One time, I had gotten way behind in my ironing, and gotten into the habit of just ironing what I was going to wear that day in the morning before getting dressed. There was a pile of ironing to be dine. Well, I had to work one day while she was visiting, and when I came home, all of my ironing was done. I didn’t realize it until the next morning when I went to pick out my outfit and saw all of the wonderful freshly pressed clothes! The”ironing fairy” had paid a visit to my house. That was what I called her from then on! Sadly she passed away much too soon in 1997. I still miss her.

  • 67
    Kylie Z says:

    My favorite memory is when she would play board games with me.

  • 68
    Cynthia+C. says:

    A fantastic trip we took by ourselves during my junior year abroad in England.

  • 69
    Betty Neville says:

    My Mom is always there for me and always has been, and I am so grateful that I can still depend on her.

  • 70
    Stephanie Haley says:

    Some of my favorite memories with my mom are the trips we take together!

  • 71
    Barbara+M says:

    Her as a fun red who loved life so much! She enjoyed every card I ever made and saved them all…because after she passed l found them , it was so touching to that she did keep them till the end! And she was 96 when she passed.

  • 72
    Julia Plunkett says:

    So many memories but my absolute favorite is my 18th birthday. I’m a Christmas Eve birthday and when I was little Mom would cut a sheet cake into a Christmas tree. I asked her if she could do this for my 18th birthday and she did this despite the fact she couldn’t remember exactly how she did years ago. It meant the world to me and the fact that Mom always celebrated my birthday on Christmas eve.

  • 73
    Lisa Schenck says:

    My favorite memory of my Mom is her beautiful singing, and also her sugar cookies!

  • 74
    Donna Kay says:

    Coming home from college to watch soaps with her, and shopping for clothes

  • 75
    Vickie D says:

    One of my favorite memories of my mother is that she used to get in the floor & play with us. We would laugh & giggle our troubles away!

  • 76
    LaraineR says:

    Fabulous release! Mom was always there for us 8 kids when we needed her! I miss her everyday!

  • 77
    Mary Koby says:

    Back in 1982, my mom convinced a flight attendant to hand carry a dress she’d just made on a flight from Los Angeles to Colorado Springs, so I could wear it to a sorority formal that night! There was no charge, just a lot of can do attitude. My Mom has never been easily defeated in life!

  • 78
    Emma Sleppy says:

    My favorite memory of my mom is when the holidays would come around and we’d bake all kinds of Christmas cookies together. She was famous for her delicious shortbread that everyone loved..

    • 78.1
      Emma+Sleppy says:

      My favorite memory of my mom is when the holidays would come around and we’d bake all kinds of Christmas cookies together! She was famous for her delicious shortbread that everyone loved.

  • 79
    Claudia Berkley says:

    My Mother was still water skiing when she was in her 60’s. I thought it was old at the time, but now it is my favorite memory of her.

  • 80
    Melissa+S says:

    My favorite memory of my mom isn’t just one memory, but really the daily memories she and I would make each day because she chose to be a stay at home mom for me. I love all the times we baked together, just sat and talked, went shopping for clothes together, played games together. My mom is still one of my very very best friends.

  • 81
    Pauline T. says:

    While I don’t remember it, my favorite thing about my mom is that she adopted me.

  • 82

    Wow, that’s so tough as there are just so many! I think my favorite memory is going to
    the Aventura Mall every year at Christmas time. It was just me & Mom (not my sister or
    any other friend or family member). It was our special day every year that we just
    enjoyed so much. Some years we never bought a thing, but the time spent together,
    and always a coffee and then lunch afterwards, was just special. I miss her her so much!!

  • 83
    Sharon D says:

    My mother died from cancer when I was barely 7, after being very sick for a long time, so my memories are limited, but a happy memory I cherish is my parents sitting in the front seat of our car as we were driving home from a Sunday family outing, and my mother had her left arm stretched across the seat to rest her hand on my father’s shoulder, and they were singing, “You are my sunshine.”

  • 84
    Denise Bryant says:

    Favorite memory of my Mom… there are so many! But my favorite was at her 80th birthday party. We had a family dinner at a restaurant. Near the start of the party, my Mom excused herself from the table to use the restroom. I offered to go with her but she refused and went by herself. She came back a short time later and had a rather sheepish grin as she rejoined us at the table. Turned out that she was wearing a reversible skirt and went to the restroom to switch it to the other design! She wanted to see how long it took before anybody noticed.
    A couple of years later I needed a skirt to wear to a wedding and she gave me the skirt. On one occasion, I also made the switch to the other print, in honor of my Mom.

  • 85
    Craftyfield says:

    I remember my mum dressing me up as a hippie, complete with a wig, for a school event. She enjoyed it a lot more than I did but it was fun all the same!

  • 86
    Barbara+Mae says:

    When we were kids we didn’t have big birthday parties with a lot of friends. But Mom always had a family birthday party for us kids. Cake and ice cream and soda. Soda was a rare treat for us back on the day! And the birthday girl/boy chose the menu for dinner that day. I would choose goulash and noodles.

  • 87
    Janet Mack says:

    At this point in her life my Mom has Alzheimer’s disease. So all my memories are day by day. I’m sure at some point I will remember all the good times.

  • 88
    Kris says:

    Favorite?….Precious?…so very many, too numerous to count. My Mom is the best lunch packer on the planet. It’s her specialty and what she is well known for. I have had a lot of great lunches over the years as well as my children. THANKS MOM!

  • 89
    Sheila W says:

    I have been blessed with a great mom! It’s hard to pick just one favorite memory but I know we always have fun when we have been able to go to flea markets, auctions, and/or antique shops together. We don’t get to do much it any more as we don’t live real close to each other plus she is turning 80 this next week.

  • 90
    Kathy Mc says:

    Oh goodness, I have SO many this is difficult to answer. I’ll never ever forget how she pushed herself Christmas shopping the year I asked Santa for a Barbie doll. Of course this was eons ago when the first one was released by Mattel, and they were sold out everywhere. No online ordering available back then either! She was so persistent that when she finally found some available she picked one up for my childhood friend, too. SO sweet and thoughtful!

  • 91
    Beverly Perdue says:

    I have so many wonderful memories with my mom. One of my favorites is when we surprised her on her 80th birthday. She was so surprised and we had a great time.

  • 92
    Bec says:

    Thanks for the inspiration and sense of normalcy during times of uncertainty.

    So many memories of my mom…hard to pick a favorite! My mom always knew how to make things fun for us kids, no matter what the circumstances. When I was pretty little, one day we rode/walked to the park. I was on a little red tricycle. On the way home my mom was stepping on the back and giving me an extra boost when the back piece broke! We laughed the whole way home over the silliness and how my mom had to “hop off”. She turned what could’ve been considered a horrible situation into a hilarious one and it still makes me smile to think about it today. 🙂

  • 93
    Ethan says:

    My favorite memory is when she would tuck my brother in me into bed each night with a kiss.

  • 94
    Joanne+B says:

    Her ability to sew and craft – she was very talented. I did not appreciate it as I should have when I was a young girl. She passed at the age of 43 and its too late to have an adult relationship with her, but I have fond memories of the joy on her face when she had made me something.

  • 95
    Helen F. says:

    My favorite memories of Mom were how she always brought the entire family together for the Holidays.
    We had aunts, uncles, cousins gathering around a beautiful, festive table.

  • 96
    Rosemary+D says:

    One of my favorite “mom memories” is her making homemade bread. She didn’t learn to cook until she met and married my dad, but boy did she make up for it once she started a family. She made the best whole wheat raisin bread and chiffon cakes!

  • 97
    Bev Karolak says:

    My favourite memory of my mum is that’s she’s always there for us. We’re so fortunate, as my mum is 93 in May. Thanks so much for the chance to win such a generous giveaway! 🥰

  • 98
    Heather Mills says:

    My mom used to make all the dresses for both my sister and me as well as some for herself. She always did a fantastic job and now she is making dresses for my daughters!

  • 99
    Susan from Colorado says:

    A favorite memory of my mother is being able to talk to her about anything and everything and not feeling judged by her. Because of that we were extremely close and I’m so grateful for that.

  • 100
    CarrieK says:

    My favorite memory of my mom are those when she spent time with my babies. She LOVES babies and just treasured every moment with them! ❤️

  • 101
    Danny says:

    My favorite memory of my mother was her cooking marinara with meatballs every Sunday morning.

  • 102
    Maria C F says:

    My favorite memory of my mom is having her read to me when I was little.

  • 103
    Rebecca W says:

    My favorite memories of my Mom are of us crafting together!! She loves making cards and mixed media too, so we have lot of time over many years being creative together!!

  • 104
    Pat says:

    My mom and I used to shop at craft stores, and we would often craft together. I didn’t understand it then, but giving others handmade gifts is how my mom showed people she loved them. I get it now and do the same thing. I inherited my creativity and love of crafting from her. ❤️ I miss you, Mom!

  • 105
    Jennifer says:

    Crafting with my mom! So much fun.

  • 106
    Dell Angle says:

    My favorite memory of my mom was of her serving others. She had 10 children, and we kept her busy. But she was thoughtful and looked for ways to help those who needed help. In turn, she taught all her children the importance of service.

  • 107
    Melissa+Welch says:

    My mom died when I was 12 so there aren’t as many as I would like. My favorite would have to be when she was my scout leader. She would sit us all down at the ping-pong table with a table cloth over it and do crafts with us. Everyone said the wished my mom was their mom 🙂 She was an amazing woman.

  • 108
    Jessica Bachlor says:

    I recently went on a cruise with my mother to Alaska. We were together whale watching when a mother & her young appeared. It was amazing & beautiful. I wouldn’t have wanted to experience that with anyone else.

  • 109
    Sharon Gullikson says:

    I remember my mom climbing a tree with my brother and me to wait for my dad to come home from work. She was a young, fun mom. She said that the neighbors gave her funny looks, but she didn’t care 🙂

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