August Release Day

By August 15, 2019 Release Day

Ink to Paper’s August 2019 release day is here! Over the past few days, we have shared new stamps and dies as well as amazing projects to inspire you to create and share handmade designs. Today is all about shopping, but first we have some announcements.


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  • 1
    Isabel Z says:

    My favorite summer tradition is heading to the beach with my family.

  • 2
    abrash says:

    Our July 4th tradition is my favorite – going to the city’s big fireworks celebration downtown and spending the entire day with family and good friends. It is something to look forward to every year.

  • 3
    Amy Cooley says:

    My favorite summer tradition is having family over for the 4th. We enjoy a cookout and set off a few fireworks.

  • 4

    I am a very enthusiastic gardener. And I grow my own heirloom tomatoes. My favourite tradition is the first toasted tomato sandwich of the summer season. I wait for it all year. Delicious!

    • 4.1
      Carol jurek says:

      I love fall. There are so many favorites. The crisp fall air with open windows at night. The holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving and the changing colors.

  • 5
    Lori B says:

    We love attending our local county fairs every summer. So fun to see the exhibits & eat all that yummy fair food!

  • 6
    Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    Favorite Summer tradition is the family reunion my family has in Tennessee.

  • 7
    Mary Lou Kemp says:

    Since it is just my husband and me, the only traditions we have is to go to the local farmer’s market that starts up in June. Everyone brings the bounties from their farms and the fresh fruits and vegetables are so good. I do believe that we eat so much healthier in the summer because of all the home grown food.

  • 8
    Leslie Sunn says:

    I don’t know if it it’s so much a tradition, but I love relaxing and hanging out by the pool with family and friends.

  • 9
    Vikki Hein says:

    Going to a free concert at our big city park every Tuesday from late June to mid-August. We place a blanket early in the morning and return for the music and selected food vendors at 7 pm.

  • 10
    Maria C F says:

    Making homemade ice cream during the hot steamy months of summer is our favorite tradition.

  • 11
    Evan says:

    Riding our bikes around town.

  • 12
    Melissa S says:

    Eating lots of ice cream, picking blueberries, and eating tomato sandwiches. Plus spending lazy days with my family outside soaking up the summer beauty.

  • 13
    Sandy Dayhoff says:

    My favorite summer tradition is having the grandkids stay overnight – one at a time. We do special things together, rock painting, card making, going to Dollar Tree, and out to lunch etc!

  • 14
    Jona says:

    My husband and I start visiting all the museums in our area that have beautiful gardens and beaches. After strolling around we find the perfect spot and plop our chairs down and just sit and read our books and take in the summer!

  • 15
    Sandy C. says:

    Planting a garden and reaping the benefits all summer long is the best tradition in our household.

  • 16
    AprilD says:

    Such a fun fall release. The leaves and sentiments are so beautiful and the monster dies are so cute! My favorite summer tradition is cookouts with family and friends and playing yard games.

  • 17
    Amy McCue says:

    I just love having the extra time with family. We go on a beach vacation.

  • 18
    see mary stamp says:

    We have a family reunion with my husband’s side of the family – it’s immediate family – only his siblings and their families (kids and grandkids.) It’s the second Saturday of August at a local park. This year a few of the out of state family members we’re able to join us and we had 55 people attend. As the family grew (and grew and grew) getting everyone together on Christmas Eve became more problematic – so this replaced it. It’s amazing, seeing our nieces and nephews now with families of their own and seeing how much the great nieces and nephews have grown up in a year’s time.

  • 19
    Sandy S. says:

    I rediscovered calligraphy a few years ago, and for the past three summers I’ve been able to attend the IAMPETH conference to improve my skills. It’s something I hope to look forward to every summer.

  • 20
    Jan Metcalf says:

    A family getaway to the lake!

  • 21
    Dawn Y. says:

    So many of my Summertime traditions take place in my garden. My cottage perennial and herb gardens make my heart sing (and keep me very busy) all Summer long! This week, I have been cutting armfuls of dried Annabelle Hydrangeas to fill baskets, crocks, and pitchers. It will be so cozy to enjoy these warm garden memories inside all Winter long while my garden sleeps! ?

  • 22
    Julie says:

    Lazy days boating on the lake with family and friends!

  • 23
    Amy Vitriani says:

    Super excited for today’s release! My favorite summer tradition would be going for walks in the park.

  • 24
    Kris says:

    We have a very large and famous county fair every August. It’s always a huge social event and 10 days of food, family and fun.

  • 25
    annheidel says:

    My favorite thing about summer is the relaxed schedule. No homework to deal with or school stress for my children. 🙂

  • 26
    MandaLJ says:

    I love to take my daughters for a swim at the local pool during summer school holidays then go to the ice cream factory nearby and get gelato.

  • 27
    Susan says:

    State Fair! Wouldn’t be summer without corn dogs and fried dough at least once.

  • 28
    ErinS says:

    One day during the summer break we go and eat banana splits for dinner. My mom did this for me growing up and it was such a special treat.

  • 29
    Bev Wilkinson says:

    Going to Cape Cod in Massachusetts every July has been a tradition for about 13 years. We go with our best friends and visit the same restaurants and shops every year. It may seem boring but the tradition of doing the same thing is comforting in this unpredictable world of ours.

  • 30
    DGolly says:

    Chilling. Just hanging at home and floating in the pool with family and friends.

  • 31
    Vickie Davis says:

    Fireworks on July 4th at the Riverfront. It is an awesome display & such a display of patriotism!

  • 32
    Kathy Havey says:

    Eating dozens of Blue Crab in the Eastern Shore of Maryland with good friends.

  • 33
    Elizabeth T. says:

    My favorite tradition is to take a leisurely evening stroll around our neighborhood when the day is still warm enough that I don’t need to put on a sweater or light jacket.

  • 34
    Cathy says:

    Summertime always means homemade ice cream – the old fashioned way. Ice, salt & taking turns cranking!

  • 35
    Shirley Robelotto says:

    I guess my favorite summer tradition would be the fun pool parties with our three daughters and their families. Nothing better than fun times with family

  • 36
    Ethan says:

    Sitting outside roasting marshmallows is one of our favorite summer traditions.

  • 37
    Natasha Trupp says:

    My favorite summer tradition is going to the lake. It’s always so much fun to plan for and then just being there is so relaxing, whether it’s crafting or doing a puzzle in the lakehouse, having a campfire in the evening, or watching the stars late at night on the dock.

  • 38
    Cynthia C. says:

    Nothing says summer like having it be peak CSA season!

  • 39
    Susan S. says:

    Hands down it’s entering my rubber stamped cards at our State Fair and then going to see how I stack up against other stampers in my State. It is so fun to be a part of the Fair and I would encourage all of you next year to check your County or State Fair websites to see if there is a category for you. Come on ladies, be proud of your work and show it off!

  • 40
    Marilyn says:

    Eating watermelon as it’s so hot here I. The south. The perfect summer fruit!

  • 41
    RedGem says:

    Laying out on a hammock near the beach reading a book!

  • 42
    KathleenA says:

    My favorite summer tradition is to have friends and family over to enjoy time catching up and relaxing in the pool. It is a great way to beat the heat. And I so enjoy what I call pool food – watermelon, fish tacos, and refreshing cocktails!

  • 43
    Diana F says:

    My favorite summer tradition is going around to the various festivals. In my area, there is usually a different one every weekend, sometimes there are more than one. And the things these festivals celebrate are amazing…..Popcorn festival, pretzel fest, corn festival, etc.

  • 44
    Diane Bowman says:

    Our favorite summer tradition is to take car rides on the Blue Ridge Parkway, sometimes packing a picnic lunch or supper. On hot days the temperature at the higher elevations is about 20 degrees cooler.

  • 45
    Sue D says:

    My favorite summer tradition is having campfires and cooking over the fire with the grandchildren.

  • 46
    Meghan Kennihan says:

    My Favorite Summer tradition is visiting my family in Pennslyvania. My Brother lives in Ireland and every summer he comes in with my niece, nephew, and sister in law and we all stay near my parents and my identical twin sister who has kids the same age. It’s sooooo much fun!

  • 47
    Luanne Ford says:

    My favorite is a family reunion in Florida at Siesta Key Beach.

  • 48
    Betsy says:

    Our cul-de-sac only has seven houses and every night we all get together to play bubbles! We have a bubble blowing machine and bubble wands. The kids laugh and the adults chat. We end the evening with everyone eating popsicles!

  • 49
    Frederica S Bond says:

    Family reunions. Seeing family and friends come together. I especially love the evenings watching the kids chase fireflies and adults sitting around talking and laughing.

  • 50
    Miriam Prantner says:

    My favorite summer tradition is our family vacation. My husband is a teacher so we basically only vacation in the summer, usually right after school let’s out.

  • 51
    Kim Heggins says:

    My favorite summer tradition is going to OutsideLands in Golden Gate Park with my daughter every August. We have so much fun listening to all the music and so many yummy treats to eat too!

  • 52
    Jill A says:

    Spending time at the lake with friends and family.

  • 53
    Cindy C says:

    My favorite tradition is taking my boys & their friends to a day beach trip to East Tawas Michigan…..we go shopping in little downtown shops, grab a pizza for lunch, then spend the day lounging & splashing on the beach. The kids are teenagers & they still look forward to it every year!

  • 54
    Greta H says:

    My favorite tradition is watching the fireworks for 4th of July. We used to go in person, but now we watch on TV. Not the same, but I still love it!

  • 55
    Bonnie Locke says:

    Picnics are a favorite of mine!

  • 56
    Thalia Camp says:

    Going camping, seeing new and interesting parks and curious places.

  • 57
    Laraine R says:

    Fabulous release! We really don’t have summer time traditions. We try to spend some time up north & spend as much time as possible with the family & friends!

  • 58
    Marcy says:

    Spending time with family going to the parks for biking, hiking and picnics.

  • 59
    Barbara M says:

    It just becomes Barque season…the grill is out and everything seems to go on it! The backyard is set up …all ready for us or company.

  • 60
    Joyce says:

    Going to the beach and getting ice cream.

  • 61
    Colleen F says:

    For the last 14 years our family has gone to a lake. The grandkids have loved this vacation spot and look forward to it every year. There is something for everyone…golf. boating, paddle boards, skiing, wave runners. Wake boarding, and so much more.

  • 62

    Favourite summer tradition … it’s today … the Feast of The Assumption, which is a holiday here. Every village has it’s own way of celebrating … sung processions, mass, shared picnics, music and dancing, fireworks after dark … it’s wonderful! Anita 🙂

  • 63
    Mel H says:

    We always try to make it home for our annual family reunion. We can’t always make it due to the expense of flying, but we love seeing our family when we are able to get home.

  • 64
    Kathy VH says:

    Going for a road trip with my dear Husband! Just a cruise where we decide our route once we’re on the road. We always take different roads, and totally enjoy the beauty of God’s Creation!! Never taking the same route, so we always see something different!

  • 65
    Kylie Z says:

    Going on a family beach vacation is our tradition.

  • 66
    AllysonA says:

    My favorite summer tradition is going to our timeshare together as a family, to be in the beautiful canyon near the lake, just before summer ends and the leaves of autumn begin to arrive. It is lovely to be together in nature as the busy energy of summer winds down. I enjoyed the new product introductions this week. The design team always make me want it all! Thank you for all the lovely inspiration.

  • 67
    Cathy Y says:

    This may not seem like a big tradition, but we have a wonderful screened porch that looks onto woods behind our house. We love to sit out there for meals and watch birds come and go from all our feeders.

  • 68
    Pauline T. says:

    My favorite tradition is going to the state fair and looking at the animals, the 4-H exhibits, and eating ice cream from the dairy farmers.

  • 69
    L Ray says:

    Growing flowers and veggies at a local community garden… meeting fellow gardeners and observing the variety of native pollinators is an added plus!

  • 70
    Loralee Parish says:

    Our favorite summer tradition can vary from year to year. Getting my hands dirty with rich dark earth when I’m gardening is always rewarding to me. Day trips to beach are loaded with surprises too

  • 71
    Noreen says:

    Celebrating the 4th of July is my favorite summer thing to do. Even when I was a kid, it was always a big deal in my family. I enjoy seeing your Halloween products – another of my favorite holidays.

  • 72
    Penny P says:

    My new favorite summer tradition is sailing!

  • 73
    Judy Fagotti says:

    I find the cool air and beautiful autumnal colors to be so inspiring. It’s my favorite time of the year! It’s such a happy and relaxing time for me that hopefully includes a trip to New England!

  • 74
    Meg Crawford says:

    My favorite thing about fall is actually a combination of things. I love the colors that nature blesses us with as well as the cooler temperatures. The cinnamon and spice and pumpkin flavors are such comfort flavors to me. Fall is my most favorite season of all!

  • 75
    Chris Anderson says:

    I’m always said to see summer end, but I love the cool crisp days as fall settles in.

  • 76
    AnitaR says:

    I’m totally confused as to whether I’m to leave a favorite summer tradition or my favorite thing about the fall season? My favorite thing about the fall season is the color! My favorite summer tradition is renting a house on the OBX and having all the family together for a week!

  • 77

    Fall is my favorite season tho we don’t get much of it here in Southern California. I love the hint of coolness in the air and the changing colors in the leaves! And of course…fall is the start of the holiday celebrations. ?

  • 78
    Keith Manley says:

    Summer is when I visit my children and grandchildren so it’s always a special time of year.

  • 79
    Brenda Simpson says:

    My favorite summer tradition is having a BBQ for our family and friends! My husband smokes ribs and we have live entertainment. The first year we had so much fun doing it to celebrate his birthday, so the following years we call it our NDR party! (NDR = no darn reason) Nice to reconnect with everyone we see less often than we wish.

  • 80
    christal mclean says:

    Love all of the Fall goodies but the ones that really speak to me are the Halloween monster and dies. I don’t normally create many Halloween cards anymore but now having 11 grandchildren and teaching 7 year old’s in church, I am thinking these stamps and dies are just so cute and I get to share these little treats with my darling little “monsters”!

  • 81
    Kathy Mc says:

    Love Fall because of the gorgeous colors of nature, warmth of fleece and kids are back in school so fun places to go aren’t as busy during the week!

  • 82
    Marianne says:

    I think I may have started a new tradition for me and my husband: making healthy ice popsicles, so that we can enjoy an ice cream every day during the hot Cretan summers.

  • 83
    Denise Bryant says:

    Fall is my favorite time of the year! I love the trees changing color! We have a beautiful show of colors here in northern CA!

  • 84
    Linda Amenitsch says:

    My favorite summer pastime (not sure I can call it a tradition) is working in the garden. I love planting flowers and watching them bloom over the summer months as well as watching the butterflies and bees fly among them from the porch swing.

    • 84.1
      Teddra says:

      When it’s time to break out the warm cozy sweaters, see the leaves changing colors and decorate with pumpkins and gourds, I know autumn has arrived.

  • 85
    Janet says:

    Best thing about fall are the (still) warm days and the CRISP nights…nothing like a fall breeze drifting through the open windows!

  • 86
    Vicki A says:

    We enjoy having our grandkids during their summer break.

  • 87
    CathyL says:

    I love summertime trips to visit family, friends and new places.

  • 88
    Danny says:

    Our favorite summer tradition is going camping.

  • 89
    Karla P says:

    Here I was trying to think of my favorite summer tradition, when you changed the question on us. LOL So….my favorite thing about fall is the kids going back to school and I have more time to make cards! LOL If only!!! I, also, like the wardrobe change…. jeans, boots and sweaters.

  • 90

    I love getting together with my entire family for Thanksgiving dinner.
    The house is full of good times and good eats!

  • 91
    Suzi Fohringer says:

    My favorite summer tradition is the annual “pool opening” party we have every year. Because we have solar heat panels, we can open several weeks before most people. Always look forward to it.

  • 92
    Mary Koby says:

    Fall is really an extension of summer here in San Diego, so the best part is after Labor Day when the beach at Del Mar reopens to leashed dogs for long walks with my husband and our 4 legged friend. I also enjoy the fresh crop of Honeycrisp apples at the market!

  • 93
    VICKI SMITH says:

    Fall is beautiful in Vermont with all the changing colors on the trees and a crispness in the air. My birthday is in the Fall and I love pumpkin pie and comfort food. This release has been amazing!

  • 94
    Catherine Milne says:

    My favorite summer tradition is picnicking at the Hollywood Bowl before the show. We go with family and friends and it’s always a good time.

  • 95
    Julie james says:

    Love all the wonderful Fall baking using apples, pumpkins, pears and so many wonderful spices.

  • 96
    iggy says:

    Our yearly cruise is a summer tradition; this year we went to Canada.

  • 97
    Andre M. says:

    Fab new products in the releasing. The changing season brings such an appreciation for nature and its splendour. Fall temps are just perfect.

  • 98
    Stephanie Haley says:

    My favorite tradition is attending all of the fun music festivals throughout the summer!

  • 99
    Karen Brandt says:

    No matter what the season, I enjoy walks in the woods, taking our dog for walks, visiting my adult children, and taking photographs. This year I am looking forward to improving my night photography skills and vacationing in the San Juan mountains of Colorado.

  • 100
    Maureen P says:

    though I struggle with loving fall, I do love the colours, the way the trees turn colour, and anything apple and pumpkin!

  • 101
    Vickie R. says:

    I love the colorful fall leaves, taking my kids to the pumpkin patch and making apple crisp!

  • 102
    Betty Neville says:

    My favourite thing about fall are the colors. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 103
    Sally Keagle says:

    My favorite thing to do in the Summer is travel. Travel to see family, friends, new places and old favorites.

  • 104
    Karen Walker says:

    My favorite thing about fall is the beautiful colors and pulling out my sweaters!

  • 105
    Carmela Douglas Hubler says:

    Love the leaves and fall colors!! My favorite summer tradition is a family vacation!!

  • 106
    Julie says:

    My favorite thing about fall is the cooler nights and getting dark earlier so we can enjoy campfires and cookouts together!

  • 107
    Craftyfield says:

    Walking in the park and kicking the leaves!

  • 108
    Connie G says:

    Living in New England it has to be the fall colors! Crisp days and apple picking are close!!

  • 109

    It’s a tie…we have Ring of Fire on Conesus Lake in NY on July 3rd, and go to Manahawkin/Long Beach Island in New Jersey in August!

  • 110
    Sarah T. says:

    The best thing about fall is sleeping with the windows wide open after the long summer months of a/c and humidity.

  • 111
    Heather Mills says:

    Ack, do I have to pick just one??!! I think Fall is my favorite season–I love the crisp, clean air after a hot, humid summer, being able to wear jeans and sweatshirts again, the smells, the leaves (except raking them!), pumpkins, apples, . . . on and on and on. But my favorite might be how blue the sky is!

  • 112
    Carol Ann says:

    The fall or autumn season is rich in colored leaves that crunch as you walk upon the fallen ones on the cooling earth.

  • 113
    Mary Anne Perlmutter says:

    My favorite summer tradition is eating watermelon.

  • 114
    Jennifer Thompson says:

    Going to outdoor concerts.

  • 115
    Barbara Berry says:

    What I like about the fall are the fall foliage and the cooler temperatures.

  • 116
    Theresa Gerlach says:

    Favorite summer time fun is when all the grandkids and great-grandkids come for the day to swim and then have grilled sweet corn. Many memories…

  • 117
    Janice says:

    Outstanding new release! My favourite fall activity is watching the leaves turn colour – the bright reds and oranges and yellows are great inspiration for cardmaking!

  • 118
    Cherie says:

    The holiday traditions and festivities are the best part of the fall season for me.

  • 119
    Lisa Schenck says:

    My favorite summer tradition is going out for ice cream!

  • 120
    Sharon D says:

    I love when it gets cool again outside (even though it is never that hot in the Puget Sound area, but we don’t have air-conditioning); I love the fall leaves; and I love college football. Fall is a great time of year!

  • 121
    Janet Mack says:

    Halloween of course.

  • 122
    Jennifer L. says:

    Fall is my favorite season, so it’s hard to choose one thing. Probably the colorful leaves are my favorite, and I also love the cooler weather and all the pumpkin spice foods!

  • 123
    Lee W. Cockrum says:

    The smell in the air, and the gorgeous days that are not too hot, not too cold!!

  • 124
    Peggy C says:

    Fall to me means early morning crispness in the air and beautiful sunsets! I also love the colors and fall decorating. This is the first year I have had a pumpkin plant in my regular flower garden. Can’t wait for the pumpkins to be ready!

  • 125
    VICKI SMITH says:

    Fall is the best time of year because it transitions between hot summer and winter cold. Plus I love the color of the leaves when they turn, pumpkin pie, soup and all the new Fall shows. Wonderful new collection!

  • 126
    Keri H says:

    Fall season favorites? Festivals, Apple picking, Apple cider, donuts, a warm crackling fire, jeans, sweaters, and boots!

  • 127
    Angela Walters says:

    I love the beautiful colors of fall!

  • 128
    Rebekah says:

    COOLER weather! Although in Virginia sometimes it doesn’t get cool till almost winter. But one can hope!

  • 129
    Susan McRae says:

    I definitely like the cooler temperatures, the changing of the leaves and that I can start wearing one of the many scarves I own!

  • 130
    Carol jurek says:

    I love fall. There are so many favorites. The crisp fall air with open windows at night. The holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving. The changes in the leave s.

  • 131
    Christine Miller says:

    I love cooler weather and decorating for fall/Thanksgiving!

  • 132
    Mutzy Mia says:

    My favorite summer tradition is sitting on the porch swing and reading a book with my husband. Summer goes much too fast!

  • 133
    Cheryl C says:

    The cooler weather – Football Season, the produce from the Garden. Favorite Season!

  • 134
    Sheila W says:

    I love the colorful leaf display by the trees in the fall plus the crisp, cool fall air.

  • 135
    Helen F. says:

    My favorite tradition is going out on the river by boat and watching the fireworks on the 4th of July. There are usually three days of celebrations in neighboring towns.

  • 136
    Laurie Black says:

    My favorite thing about the fall season is hiking in the mountains: the weather is cooler and the fall colors are amazing!

  • 137
    Donna Oates says:

    My fav thing about fall is the cooler temps that bring those gorgeous fall colors!

  • 138
    Jill S. says:

    My new favorite summer tradition is going to the local amusement park, Knoebel’s Grove in Elysburg, PA. I grew up at this park 40 some odd years ago. We weren’t able to get there as often as we would have liked when we lived out of the area, but now that we’re back, we try to go at least once each year. Makes me feel like a kid again.

  • 139
    Andrea McCulley says:

    My favorite thing about the fall season is nature’s spectacular colors!

  • 140
    Marcia Hill says:

    I live in Michigan so my favorite thing about Fall is the colorful leaves and I do like the cooler temps too! (NOT snow mind you, just cooler temps!) Lovely release this month!!

  • 141
    Ruth CM says:

    Candy corn is back! he he

  • 142
    MaryB says:

    My favorite thing about fall is the color of foliage. I love the brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows! Thanks for the inspiration, and for the chance to win a gift certificate.

  • 143
    Deborah S says:

    Fall is my very favorite season. I love going for long, leisurely drives on back country roads – stopping for gorgeous leaves, walking a trail and inhaling the scents of fall.

  • 144
    Emma Sleppy says:

    I just love when it gets a little cooler, leaves start falling and the holidays are around the corner!!

  • 145
    Lisa Nichols says:

    I love the smell of fallen leaves and how the air is so crisp – sunny warm days without the humidity are a bonus as well!

  • 146
    Marilyn M says:

    My favorite summer tradition is vacationing at my sister’s house.

  • 147
    Susan Busada says:

    The acorns remind me of when I was little and my grandfather used to make us “pipes” out of acorns.

  • 148
    Beverly Perdue says:

    My favorite thing about the Fall season is the cooler temperatures and pumpkin candy corn! Excited about this release!

  • 149
    Carmela Hubler says:

    My favorite thing about the fall season is the cooler temperatures, changing leaves and baking. I love pumpkin and anything made with pumpkin is a wonderful treat!

  • 150
    Nancy N says:

    My favorite summer tradition is a new one in the past few years. Going out on my paddle board with my dog, Shasta.

  • 151
    Julie says:

    My favorite thing about the Fall season is the cool temperatures, cozy sweaters and Pumpkin Spice! 🙂

  • 152
    Louise High says:

    Fall colors and the miracle of the leaves changing with the mountains all red, orange and yellow.

  • 153
    Deborah Rosenow says:

    I love the fall colors but mostly I love the cooler weather.

  • 154
    Valeria says:

    My favorite thing about Autumn is the cooler temperatures and making Halloween cards!

  • 155
    Annette Gordon says:

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    It’s my favorite season!

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