Saturday Showcase | Beachy Keen

Today, we are going to the beach! Let’s take a closer look at Beachy Keen. Get ready to take a trip to the beach with Beachy Keen.




“With summer in full swing, Beachy Keen is the perfect set for creating all of your summery, beach themed projects. I chose a tropical color scheme for my card, but you could easily change up the colors to something more peaceful and calming, like the ocean.”







“I’m one of those people that loves to “celebrate the season”, no matter which one it happens to be! For me, that celebration includes handmade cards and gifts to give to family and friends! Beachy Keen is the perfect summer set just bursting with possibilities!”







“Beachy Keen inspires me so much!  I love thinking about all of the soft pastels I’ve seen in the air and sky while visiting the beach and re-creating them using this dreamy stamp set.”



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    Chris Lawlor says:

    Beautiful cards and great video! You could get a lot of use out of the background elements in cards other than beach scenes too. ?

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